Gonzalo Higuain He has already left Europe to try his luck in MLS. The former striker of Real Madrid, Naples or Juventus among others will be announced as a great signing of the Miami Inter, the franchise that just debuted in the American league and is owned by David Beckham.

The mythical player’s project Manchester United, who shared a dressing room at the Santiago Bernabéu with Higuaín for a short period of time (they played eight games together, with a balane of six wins and two draws), wants to attract big names. After sounding giants like Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, he has been linked to possible signings such as James Rodríguez or Luis Suárez.

However, the first to crystallize has been that of a Higuaín whose stage at Juventus was more than amortized.

Andrea Pirlo, coach of the bianconeri, He already publicly admitted that he had communicated to ‘Pipita’ that he did not have him. “I have spoken with Gonzalo. I admire him very much. He has completed a great cycle here, he is a great player … but We have decided that we must part our ways. The cycle is over, “he stressed.

Higuaín has been received at the Miami airport by Jorge Mas, one of the top managers of Inter Miami. As soon as his signing is confirmed via communication, the details of the contract, such as the duration, will be announced.