Ex-football star David Beckham has quietly taken over as a beekeeper, The Sun news.

During the corona spring and summer, the man became enthusiastic about beekeeping. He has acquired his own apiary for his second home, the British Cotswolds. The man has also shared pictures of himself in Some, making downy suits suitable for fluffy wings. He has also posed with his children in overalls to protect against bee stings. The pictures can be seen on The Sun’s website.

According to the magazine, Beckham plans to join the honey business with the help of his bees. His representatives have reportedly already been looking for partners and trade channels for the honey produced by Beckham’s bees. Beckham plans to sell organic honey.

– Beekeeping started as a fun hobby in the early days of corona insulation. But now David has quite whispered about it, a related party source tells the magazine.

– Beekeeping is a good antidote to the crazy life of London and Miami for him, the source continues.

The father posed with his sons in the joint picture in August.

They fell ill with crowns

In early September, it was reported that David and his wife’s ex-spawright, fashion designer Victoria Beckham, had fallen silent in the corona.

They were the first world stars to get the virus. Admittedly, the Beckhams did not report their infection to the public much later. They got the coronavirus in early March from a party in Los Angeles.

The Beckhams also had time to infect a few of their staff when they traveled between the United States and Britain in March. They finally returned home to Britain on 19 March. At that time, they closed the corona isolation, but the virus had already begun to swell.

The Beckhams didn’t know about their corona infection and they had time to shake hands and hug their partners and fans. Afterwards, David and Victoria realized they were super-infectious.

Related sources now report that Victoria almost panicked after realizing the situation. He remained isolated from the children of the family even after his recovery.

The Beckhams were isolated from their second home in the countryside. They took new coronavirus tests and made sure the symptoms were completely healthy before returning to people’s airs.

The Beckhams survived the corona with fairly mild symptoms. Some of the sick safety people and car drivers on their team got a more severe illness.

Beckahamie has been reported to have taken care of his sick staff by, among other things, sending gifts.