Daughter of Fernando Zor, Kamily denies bad relationship with Maiara and delivers: ‘My father’s girlfriend’

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Kamily refutes assumption about relationship with Fernando Zor

The relationship with Fernando Zor was also mentioned by Internet users. “I suppose you didn’t have a true daughter’s love for your father,” commented another person. “Lie, nourish and even too much,” clarified Kamily. The young woman is the result of the union in the past between the singer and Aline Oliveira. She denied that she was responsible for the separation between him and Mikelly Medeiros and kept out the buzz that she likes people of the same sex. “I am not a homosexual and I was not responsible for ending the marriage,” he countered. Asked if she hears country people, the influencer explains: “I don’t like it or dislike it, I just don’t have the habit of listening”.

Daughter confirms financial aid from father: ‘Responsible’

In a recent post on the web, Kamily detailed more about the lack of contact with Fernando Zor and said that, financially, the singer always collaborated: “My father is a responsible guy, he never let me miss anything and for that I am forever grateful. He makes two I’ve been earning my own money for years, even without having his support in my personal projects. I work by choice, because I don’t want to depend on his financial help forever, even though it’s my right as a daughter. better for me. Money is not on the agenda in this conversation, as many think. About what my mother said, it was about her father’s absence and who has more property to talk about it just me, because it’s been happening to me for 18 years “. In late September, the musician lost control of the car on a highway in São Paulo, but is doing well.


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