Daughter Adeline Norberg speaks up

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Adeline Norberg reports after the Wendler scandal +++ Serkan Yavuz + Carina Spack +++ This is how Laura Müller reacts to the Wendler scandal +++ Jenny Frankhauser has a new love tattoo

Celebrity News 2020: All news and developments in the GALA ticker

October 11th
Adeline Norberg reports on the Wendler scandal

What’s wrong with Michael Wendler, 48? Nobody can really explain what has happened to the “Egal” interpreters since he started talking about wild conspiracy theories on Thursday evening (October 8). So far, his mother Christine and his manager Markus Krampe have spoken publicly about the scandal and are worried about Michael Wendler. But how are his closest confidants? While his wife Laura Müller, 20, is still covered, his daughter Adeline Norberg, 18, has now spoken out.

Adeline Norberg gives the all-clear via Instagram
© instagram.com/adelinenorberg21

Via Instagram, she reveals how she is currently doing. In an Instagram story she wrote: “I’m really fine! Don’t worry!” She also asks to stop spam. By that, she probably means the many thousands of comments that have been arriving on her channel since Thursday evening. While one follower worries about their well-being, others warn: “Do you know that you too have to pay for everything now? The company is running on you. Adeline directs her story to all of them.

October 10th
Serkan Yavuz and Carina Spack confirm separation

Well then! Serkan Yavuz, 27, and Carina Spack, 24, have split up. With touching posts on Instagram, the two TV faces confirm what fans had suspected for some time. “We spent a wonderful year together and I thank you very much for that, we just lost each other as a couple in the end …”, writes the blonde under a photo gallery that shows her and Serkan in different situations. It becomes clear that the two really liked each other.

Even after the breakup, there doesn’t seem to be any bad blood. Carina writes: “We’re going our separate ways for now, but I still wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.” The 27-year-old confirms the separation in his story. On a black background he writes: “We spent a wonderful year together and unfortunately lost each other as lovers in the end.” He also emphasizes that they did not part in an argument.

9th October

This is how Laura Müller reacts to the Wendler scandal

Yesterday, Thursday, pop star Michael Wendler, 48, dropped the bomb. He announced on Instagram that he was leaving the DSDS jury with immediate effect and would no longer return to Germany. The reason for this is the corona measures put in place by the federal government – a plot against the population.

Wife Laura Müller, 20, has so far held back with a statement. A look at her Instagram profile suggests that the influencer wants to avoid the confrontation: Although you can still click through the content of the former “Let’s Dance” participant, she has switched off the comment function. Since the big announcement, she has not let anything be heard from her stories either, although shortly before she showed her followers how she would like to decorate her house on Halloween.

Your manager Markus Krampe said in an interview with “Bild” -live that both Müller and Michael Wendler had reported to him that night. “Laura has sent me an extensive message and agreed with me on many points. But said that she sees no possibility of finding another solution, to take a different direction with her husband,” said Krampe.

October 7th

Jenny Frankhauser: Fans are upset about their new love tattoo

A year ago, Jenny Frankhauser, 28, got to know and love her boyfriend Steffen König, 29, their relationship began with the sentence “kiss me at last!”

“When I got to know you, I had long since given up hope that there would be someone out there who would suit me. You convinced me of it and proved to me that there is true love and that YOU are this person, who completes me “, so Frankhauser’s sweet declaration of love on Instagram. But it shouldn’t stop at words: on the anniversary, the two lovebirds have each other’s name stabbed on the wrists. A declaration of love that will last forever …

While Jenny Frankhauser proudly presents her new tattoo to her fans, many followers cannot do anything with the tattooed love vow. “Oh no … I personally find partner tattoos just as terrible as children’s names. I know what my partner’s name is. Why should I also get my name tattooed?”, Comments a follower. Another fan writes: “No … you don’t do that. Why should you, maybe if you have Alzheimer’s disease or had so many friends that you get confused with the name. At some point it will be stabbed or lasered away.” Let’s hope that Jenny and Steffen won’t regret their love tattoos and will stay happy and in love for a long time!

October 6th

Claudia Norberg: Daughter Adeline provides information about her condition

Claudia Norberg, 49, seems to have been missing for weeks. Neither on TV nor on social media does the ex-wife of pop star Michael Wendler, 48, give a sign of life. Most recently, she asked the new wife of her ex-husband, Laura Müller, 20, not to take her last name. At that time, Wendler had adopted the name of his wife at the time of the wedding and his real name is Norberg.

The pretty influencer didn’t seem to care, because she wanted to be called like her own husband. That was probably too much for the former “jungle camp” participant. She withdrew from the public without further ado. Only their daughter, Adeline Norberg, 18, now gives information about her mother’s condition after a fan asks her: “Are you still in contact with your mother? How is she?”

The teenage girl’s answer is tight, but there is no cause for alarm. “Everything’s fine,” she writes, putting a smiley behind it. We hope Claudia Norberg is doing well and we look forward to hearing from her again soon.

Danni Büchner: That is the sad reason for your makeover

Danni Büchner, 42, has seen a lot in the past. Since the death of her husband Jens Büchner († 49) in November 2018, the mother of five has struggled through life as a restaurateur and reality star, trying to feed the family. But not all fans are always well disposed towards the emigrant – and Danni has to take nasty sayings again and again.

One follower even claims that Büchner has been doing much better since her husband died and that she would make a lot more of herself. The former “jungle camp” participant reacted horrified to this statement.

Rather, she explained the sad reason for her new hair color in her Instastory: “People have no idea why I’ve changed,” she says and adds, “I had to change. The blonde Danni was married to a wonderful person who unfortunately no longer lives. “

She would give anything to be the blonde Danni next to her Jens again. She is also aware that not all people understand her way. “You don’t have to,” says Büchner, “after all, it’s mine.” But she demands: “Stop writing such crap!”

5th October

Elena Miras reveals details about the separation from Mike Heiter

Reality stars Elena Miras, 28, and Mike Heiter, 28, recently announced their split after three years of relationship. “Our daughter will always connect us with each other. We will also maintain a respectful and at the same time friendly relationship with one another,” wrote Miras at the time under her corresponding post on Instagram. However, she has not yet given any details about their separation or reasons.

    Elena Miras announces details of the separation from Mike Heiter.
Elena Miras announces details of the separation from Mike Heiter.
© Instagram / elena_miras

In the course of a question-and-answer session on Instagram, a fan of the native Spaniard wanted to know whether she was sad about the breakup or whether the decision was the right one for her. “In the end it was the right thing for me. The time in Germany was not at all easy for me. I was very depressed and only now do I notice again what it means to be happy,” is the reply of the former jungle camp participant.

The Swiss woman spent a lot of time in Germany for their relationship. But now she is in Zurich with daughter Aylen and seems to be very happy there. Elena Miras has so far categorically ruled out a love comeback with Mike Heiter.

October 2nd

Daniela Katzenberger says goodbye to Instagram

Daniela Katzenberger, 34, has been polarizing more and more on Instagram lately: Whether a painful Botox treatment under the axes, her gagging failure during the corona test or her supermarket look with the mask pulled down – the fans always found something to complain about. Reason enough to say goodbye to the platform for a few days.

“… and I will say goodbye to you for a few days”, the cat introduces her latest post. She also shares a picture that shows her relaxed in a bathrobe in a beach shelter – without wearing a face mask. But Katzenberger hurries ahead of her followers: “And before the Instagram mask police rears up here again: I’m sitting here alone, no other people in sight, I’m Corona negative and I swear that I didn’t enjoy it.”

However, she would like to thank everyone else for the numerous birthday wishes she received. After all, the reality star has just turned 34. We would like to congratulate you on your birthday and we look forward to seeing Katzenberger happy again with your funny contributions.

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