Danish prime minister admits mass culling of mink was not legal

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The massive culling of minks in Denmark decided last week was illegal. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen admitted this in parliament on Tuesday. According to the Danish government, there was no legal basis for the culling of the fur animals. So far, according to The Guardian at least 2.5 million minks in Denmark have already been culled.

The Minister of Agriculture also apologizes

“Even though we are in a hurry, we should have known that new legislation was needed, and we did not know. I apologize for that,” Frederiksen told parliament. According to the prime minister, the government was informed last weekend that there is no legal basis for the culling.

Denmark is the largest mink producer in the world. The government announced last week as a precautionary measure to kill all 17 million minks in the country because of mutations of the coronavirus found in the fur animals. A mutated version of the coronavirus has been found in hundreds of people, according to the Danish health authorities. The new variant of the virus has also spread to hundreds of mink farms in the country.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said at a press conference last week that the mutated virus in mink could potentially pose a risk to the effectiveness of a future corona vaccine.

The decision of the Danish government to illegally cull the minks drew criticism from the opposition parties. They demand that the Danish minister of agriculture, Mogens Jensen, who is responsible for policy, resigns.

The minister apologized on Monday. “We made a mistake. There was no legal basis on which we could ask mink farmers to cull their mink if there were no infections.”

There is now a bill to continue with the removal of the mink.

In the Netherlands too, persistent infections in mink have been detected in recent months. Mink farms have therefore been cleared on a large scale. Since the start of the corona crisis, more than a million minks have been gassed in our country.

The Dutch cabinet has no signs yet that the coronavirus has mutated into mink, as happened in Denmark.



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