Daniel Riccardo: I really believe in myself

Next year, Daniel Riccardo will sit behind the wheel of a McLaren car and become Lando Norris’ new partner. The Australian, who is considered one of the best drivers in modern Formula 1, is confident that the Woking team has enormous potential, and the results that it showed in 2019 and continues to show in 2020 are just the beginning.

“Of course, since I made the decision (to move to McLaren) even before the start of this season, it had a lot to do with how this team performed last year,” Riccardo said in an interview with British television channel Channel 4. “I think they made the biggest step forward of any team, and I saw that they did it with relatively young riders.

For Lando, this was his debut season, and although Carlos Sainz has been competing in Formula 1 for several years, there is no feeling that he can already be considered a veteran. It seems that everything is moving in the right direction, and the team has a huge potential, which, in my opinion, they have just begun to reveal. All this inspires me, and my task is to continue this work and achieve more. “

Riccardo has always said that his goal is to become a world champion, and although the McLaren car is unlikely to allow you to immediately fight for the title, he still believes that there are still chances: “I really believe in myself and I think that everything depends on how long this belief persists. The bottom line is that each rider, looking in the mirror, is ready to say that he is the best, but time passes, and someone is already beginning to doubt their abilities. But I continue to believe in myself.

The day when I stop believing that I can win the title will probably be the day when I realize that I have to end my career. But, in my opinion, this is still far away. Hopefully I won’t have to wait too long, but for the foreseeable future I am definitely determined to do whatever is necessary for this. “



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