Daniel Craig has a tip for the future James Bond 007, very simple

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Daniel Craig, last time James Bond in No Time To Die, explained to the future 007 what to do to satisfy the fans.

The wait for the new film by James Bond, No Time to Die, will still be long, given that the release is scheduled for April 2, 2021, but in the meantime the resigned 007 Daniel Craig was a guest of Jimmy Fallon on his talk show, and illuminated the character’s eventual future performer with a Advice very clear and precise on what to do in order not to disappoint the fans. We isolate it, so you can better analyze its nuances.

Don’t bullshit: it’s one thing wonderful, gorgeous.

No more nuances are to be expected from the harsh irony of the English actor, who however softened when he had to make fans and the public digest yet another postponement of Cary Fukunaga’s feature film: “It’s a bigger matter than all of us No Time to Die at the same time all over the world and this just this is not the time. Fingers crossed, let’s hope April 2 is the right date. “Fallon rightly points out to him that the actor has often given up between chapters in recent years, but with great honesty Craig explains that it was. of simple tiredness.

I am happy to be back to do the latter. The story didn’t seem complete to me, but I needed a break. Once we started talking about frame and things we could have done, I immediately said: “I’m in!”



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