UPDATE Argeş police announce the opening of a criminal case after the manelist Dani Mocanu filmed a video in which an injured and malnourished lion appears.

“Following the information that appeared in the public space, regarding the making of a video with an exotic animal, we inform you the following: The police have notified ex officio and carry out checks on ill-treatment and cruelty against animals, respectively on the conditions of detention of the animal appearing in the footage. In this case, a criminal file was drawn up, according to Law 205 of 2004, on animal protection, in which investigations are carried out under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Piteşti Court ”, IPJ Argeş reports.

The verifications aim at establishing all the circumstances in which the facts took place, respectively the identification and hearing of all the persons involved, as well as the verification of the ensuring of the conditions of medical assistance, care and shelter for the animal in the filming.


Dani Mocanu released a video clip in which the “protagonist” is a visibly injured lion. The video scandalized public opinion, and several people reported it to the Police and the National Environmental Guard.

“If no one has stopped you so far, I’ll stop you. I saw the clip” STOP ROMANIA “(Dani Mocanu) where a lion with multiple wounds appears. My tolerance is considerable, but it stops at cruelty against animals.” , announced the politician Tudor Tim Ionescu.

The video with the injured lion, “Stop Romania”, has over four million views and ranks first in Trending on Youtube.

Dani Mocanu has a criminal record for pimping and human trafficking.

“This animal is clearly in terrible torment, and this is publicized! I am not only frightened that this guy treats him like an object, but also the idea that he is locked in a cage, probably where he is beaten and tortured, day I am convinced that there are associations or benevolent people who can take care of him, so why is he still in the hands of these people? I promise that this case will be publicized abroad, at least in Italy and Germany, and that if the authorities it is not notified, we will do it, PEOPLE! “, writes another person on the Facebook page 113 Animal Police.

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The Secretary General of the Government, Antonel Tănase, declared, following a request made by Corina Băcanu, that he will file a criminal complaint against the manelist.

“I am also moved by the abominable treatment of the animal. It is a soul that no one should make fun of, the animal also has rights. Therefore, I will file a criminal complaint under the law and the Criminal Code on ill-treatment I will contact the Minister of the Interior, this will not go unpunished. ”

Dani Mocanu’s reaction

Dani Mocanu replied, in a video posted on YouTube, that the animal is treated “like a baby”, that it has “everything an animal could ever want”, and even confesses that in order to appear in his video, the lion she also had “professional make-up” to look as “fierce” as possible.

The manelist declared himself disappointed by the people’s revolt, because he would only offer them “something they have never seen before”. He also confesses that he is not afraid of the police, because “nothing illegal happened”.