A dangerous accident occurred at a bridge site in Umeå, northern Sweden, on Tuesday morning when part of a bridge under construction collapsed unexpectedly during installation. At least the support that supported the structure collapsed into a river flowing below for an unknown reason.

The case was reported, among other things SVT.

One person was injured in the accident. The Swedish Transport Agency also warns bystanders about loose timber in the river. Boat traffic has stopped.

A new 530-meter bridge over the Umeå River will be built on site. The project is part of the Länsilinkki ring road, which diverts traffic away from the city center.

The bridge is being built by the Finnish construction group GRK, which has operations in Finland, Sweden and Estonia. Site manager Magnus Ahlskog told more about the Umeå project SVT: lle in April.

– We have a lot of employees from the Baltic countries as well as foremen and nicknames from Finland, Ahlskog commented at the time.

In the same context, project manager at the Swedish Transport Agency Gerhard Barrestål said that he considered the biggest challenge of the bridge project to be the installation phase of the bridge. In its press release in August, GRK also anticipates the work currently underway.

– In addition to the planning and preparation work, the weather forecasts for week 38 are being feverishly monitored in Umeå. In the upcoming second pushing phase, the bridge girder will be pushed a total of 129 meters over the Umeå River flowing below, the press release states.

The value of the bridge work is just over 42 million euros. The project is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2021.