Stating that he does not defend Dan Bittman, but he is not against him either, Dan Negru states that rock artists have always had controversial opinions.

The presenter from Antena 1 is of the opinion, however, that the Romanian showbiz is full of artists “without opinions”, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

“Rock has always had opinions! Good, bad, it doesn’t matter … Because it was an opinion, «God Save The Queen»of the Sex Pistols was banned by the very bastion of freedom: the BBC! I wouldn’t imagine U2, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, without opinions. That’s what rock is about! On James Hetfield’s shirt from Metallica it says: «I live, I don’t just exist» and Bono’s controversial political statements have given a lot of breaking news. Madonna set America on fire when she posted a vaccine conspiracy theory on Instagram in the summer, and Annie Lennox of Eurythmics responded harshly by launching a controversy in American showbiz. Some believe, others do not!

I know, America is a different league, but then look at showbiz next to us, full of opinions: Hungarians have rock-political bands (Carpathians are banned in Romania and Slovakia), Serbs with Bora Dordevic from Riblija Corba or Bijelo Dugme they caused a lot of social controversy. Romanian showbiz is without opinions. It’s about the Palace Hall and «hands in the air». Just as Annie Lennox or Bon Jovi contradicted Madonna, so no one in Romanian showbiz had any opinion about Bittman. Pros or cons.

Because Romanian showbiz is about «Come on, hands in the air». This post is not for or against Bitman! It’s about «hands in the air»…. “, Dan Negru wrote on his Facebook page.