Damiani: 100th anniversary of Monza – a reason for its modernization

Angelo Stickki Damiani, president of the national auto club ACI, announced the need to carry out a large-scale reconstruction of the Monza circuit, including the restoration of the high-speed ring with its legendary bankings. But this requires the support of the Italian government.

In 2022, Monza is about to celebrate the centenary of the circuit, and Damiani has asked the country’s government to provide financial resources to truly celebrate this historic event.

“For this it is necessary to attract resources of an unprecedented volume, and we also appeal to the government, since we are talking about an event on a national scale,” Damiani quotes Gazzetta dello Sport. – Monza deserves it, because it is the oldest circuit of all, where Formula 1 races are still held.

The centenary of the autodrome is a reason not only to repair and tweak something, but also to modernize the track so that it can serve for another twenty years ”.

The reconstruction project involves the complete replacement of some stands and overhaul of the underground passages, but Damiani also dreams of restoring the oval speed ring, which last hosted the races more than half a century ago, from which only the bankings remain as a kind of monument to a bygone historical era. In the 90s they were going to be completely demolished, but they miraculously escaped this fate, although now they are in a deplorable state.

“We have reached important agreements with the Lombardy region regarding the Grand Prix, but now we need additional funding. The circuit does not belong to the ACI auto club, but we count on the help of the region, as well as the municipalities of Monza and Milan. All this will create many jobs, and we will be able to modernize the world famous facility, ”Damiani added.


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