He sang on the biggest stages in the world with important names in international music and each time he raised the hall, but he rarely talks about his childhood and his family.

Damian Drăghici is Irina Păcurariu’s guest at the “Network of Idols”, on Monday, November 16, at 21:00, an interview that the artist says is the most sincere he has ever given.

“My grandparents raised me. I met my mother a year ago, and I don’t think I ever made my father happy, I didn’t thank him, in general, no one in the family is proud of me, which bothered me and that’s why I don’t -I stopped trying to prove it. I always think I’ve never done anything in life, I’ve always been told you won’t do anything, you’ll be laughed at … When you’re told you’re not going to do anything, there are words you say to yourself later you “, says the artist.

Born into a family of musicians, Damian Drăghici began learning the panpipe at the age of 10, after playing various instruments at the age of three.
He fled Romania at the age of 18, through Yugoslavia, later arriving in Greece. After playing for a while on the streets and clubs, he was discovered by the Dutch subsidiary of Sony Music, which offered him the chance to record. After an audition in Athens, he was offered a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston. At Berklee, as there was no panpipe teacher to study with, he studied with saxophone teacher George Garzone.
He has lived in Los Angeles, recorded 20 albums, and participated as a guest on a 2006 Grammy Award-winning album, Silver Solstice by Paul Winter Consort.

“Damian Draghici arrived in the USA at the age of 27, exactly on August 31, the night Princess Diana died. He went in there like in foreign movies, he didn’t understand anything. His spirit, which he still has at 50, made him adapt. At one point, they were all in an ice-breaking circle, and they were 19-year-olds, brave and powerful Americans. He, Damian, was just an introvert, a Roma man raised in Romania. That was when he said to himself, “How could I be like them?” He had forgotten what he had done until the age of 27 in front of this courage that is not part of our culture “, says Irina Păcurariu, the director of” The Network of Idols “.

In March, during the pandemic, the artist took people to the windows with his panpipe, holding a concert on the balcony of his house.

“I think that during the pandemic we got to a place where we run away from ourselves every day – that’s why divorces, separations. In my next life, if I were to return and choose a noble profession, I would like to be a doctor. There is no nobler thing … apparently artists give themselves to others, but we are selfish “, said Damian Drăghici.