Damage to the sports sector amounts to 1 billion euros, minister is looking for solutions

The financial damage to the Dutch sports sector as a result of the corona crisis has amounted to about 1 billion euros. That’s in the second report of the Mulier Institute.

Recreational sports must absorb the greatest blows

The Mulier Institute is commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, sports umbrella organization NOC * NSF and the Association of Sports and Municipalities to study the consequences of the corona virus on the financing of sports and the sports and exercise behavior of the Dutch.

The institute has the second on Thursday Monitor Sport in Corona sent to the House of Representatives.

In the summer, the researchers presented their first findings. It was then estimated that Dutch sport had suffered 400 to 600 million damage. The financial damage has now risen to nearly 1 billion euros. The total loss of turnover for the sports sector amounts to 2.1 billion, but with cost savings and government support measures, part of this will be offset.

The biggest blows fall in the recreational sports sector. The Mulier Institute estimates the loss of turnover for sports clubs and sports entrepreneurs, such as fitness centers and swimming pools, at 1.5 billion. After the costs have been reduced and various support packages, some 700 million euros will remain.

It is estimated that paid football, top sport and the sports events sector have lost 630 million euros in turnover since the outbreak of the crisis. Despite government support and cost savings, this part of the sector continues to suffer losses of EUR 280 million. According to experts spoken by the Mulier Institute, this is the biggest football crisis ever.

Sports clubs are currently only open to a very limited extent. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Almost all sports came to a standstill in the spring due to the corona virus. After the first lockdown, the measures were relaxed and the competitions could start again in the summer. Last month, however, the cabinet decided to take additional measures again due to the increasing number of infections. Apart from professional football, all sports competitions were stopped.

More than half of the sports associations expect to end 2020 with a financial deficit. 45 percent of the club managers questioned are (seriously) concerned about the consequences of the crisis.

They are especially afraid that members and volunteers will stop and that the financial situation will lead to problems. At one in three associations, the number of members has decreased since September last year. The corona crisis is the main cause of this.

Minister Tamara van Ark for Medical Care and Sport calls it “of vital importance” that the Dutch can continue to exercise as optimally as possible, even after the corona crisis. Van Ark therefore promises to do everything in its power to keep the “unique Dutch sports infrastructure” afloat.



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