The Dallas Mavericks continue to prepare for the next NBA season, which will start in about a month, with the Lakers as main favorites. Those from Texas, who have been reinforced mainly by Josh Richardson after the departure of Seth Curry, continue to take small steps to have everything ready for 2021.

His latest “move” has been the announcement of the new uniforms that the Mavericks will wear for next season. In particular, his’city edition‘, where white is still the main color, but blue is left out so that the dorado take center stage, “a sign that a bright future is on the horizon“, as they commented in the publication.

However, the clothing they will wear in Dallas next season has attracted attention among fans of the Real Madrid, as bears an enormous resemblance to the kit that Pablo Laso’s men wore last season, combining white with gold details.

Although Luka Doncic never wore that kit, many have interpreted it as a nod from the Texan franchise to its namesake from Madrid, as well as the great Slovenian star, still in love with the team with which she rose to stardom.

But nevertheless, we will have to wait yet to see Doncic wearing “the colors of Real Madrid” as the Mavericks chose what appears to still be their franchise player, Kristaps Porzingis, to unveil their new skins.