The only representative of Japan’s swimming already qualified for the next Olympics, Daiya Seto, has been suspended for the remainder of the year after it was revealed that he had had an extramarital affair.

As reported by the public channel NHK, citing the Japan Swimming Federation, the sanction applied to Seto by the body will not prevent you from participating in the next Tokyo Olympics, which will begin on July 23rd.

A Japanese weekly revealed last September that Seto, 26, had visited a dating hotel that month with a woman who was not his wife, an affair the swimmer himself admitted to and publicly apologized for.

Seto, who has two daughters with his wife, called the affair a “careless act” that caused harm to his family, supporters and patrons.

Days after these events were known, the swimmer resigned as captain of the Japan Olympic swimming team and lost the support of one of the firms that sponsored him, the ANA airline.

After a meeting held on Tuesday, the Japan Swimming Federation decided to force Seto to stay out of any sporting and official activity for the remainder of the year.

The sports body adopted the measure considering that the performance was against the conduct criteria set by the federation. Seto appeared Monday before the ethics committee of the sports organization to refer to the case.

Among the events that Sato is on the sidelines is the Japanese swimming championship next December, although the swimmer can still resort to these sanctions, according to NHK.

Upon learning of the decision, Seto again apologized for his extramarital affair and the “irresponsible behavior” that showed.

The swimmer holds the world record for the 200-meter butterfly and 400-meter individual short pool strokes, the first achieved in 2018 and the second last year.