Dacia Spring creates tensions in France: what is the problem with the brand’s first electric model

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Dacia Spring is the first electric model of the local manufacturer, and Renault, the parent company, hopes to hit it off. But the model is creating tensions in France, and trade unionists are unhappy.

Dacia Spring is the bet of the manufacturer from Mioveni for next year, being the first electric model of the local brand. It is, at the same time, a challenge for Renault, which hopes to sell the cheapest electric SUV in Europe, a strategy with which it hopes to win.

Only things are not so simple.

Trade unionists in France say they are unhappy that Renault will import the electric model to sell in Europe, instead of manufacturing it in France. The reason is simple: if you didn’t know, the first electric model from Dacia will be made in China.

Dacia Spring creates tensions in France

The French trade unionists would have rightly wanted the Dacia Spring model to be manufactured in the Hexagon. In this way, local production would have been sustained, perhaps more jobs would have been created. Overall, the French economy would have benefited. But the French at Renault had other plans from the beginning.

Spring will leave at the gate of the plant owned by partners in Dongfeng, Hubei Province.

Renault representatives said that production will remain in China, because this ensures low production costs, including in view of the fact that the Chinese industry is the only one that provides an industrial ecosystem for electric cars at this time. A business strategy that is understandable anyway in the current context.

Trade unionists, unhappy that employees can stay on the road

The trade unionists are dissatisfied, especially since the French state offers various incentives in certain areas to facilitate the production and purchase of electric cars. Throughout this framework, various restructurings are announced in the French car industry, and this means that many people will remain on the road.

“We are fundamentally against Spring manufacturing in China,” he says Franck Daoust, union delegate of the CFDT federation within Renault. “This is not in line with government support for the car industry and jobs in France.”

Only the decision of the French from Renault is clear. In order to afford to sell Dacia Spring in Europe at a price below 20,000 euros, as expected, the car must be made in China. Otherwise, this price would not be sustained.

Dacia did not provide information about the price that Spring will have. But details have appeared right on the brand’s website in Hungary – see HERE.

If you take it after writing the website in Hungary, then it would mean that the final price could reach 16,700 euros in Romania. If you apply for a ticket from the Rabla Plus Program, the price of Dacia Spring would reach 8,350 euros, for the first 100 reservations.


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