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The tropical storm And has made landfall in the Keys of Florida on the night of this Sunday, after whipping Cuba and have left a trail of victims Y destruction in Central America and southern Mexico. The cyclone has made close to 200 dead, the majority of which was in Guatemala.

According to him National Hurricane Center from the United States, And it generates “strong winds, intense rains and dangerous storm surges” in several areas of South Florida and the keys of this state. The storm could intensify in Category 1 hurricane -with winds of between 119 and 153 km / h- during its passage through the peninsula of Florida, in the southeastern United States. A tropical storm is considered a hurricane when it generates winds of at least 119 km / h. All of South Florida was under warnings or notices of hurricane, including Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

About 200 dead

And provoked torrential rains who have left some 200 victims between dead and disappeared in Central America. The country most affected was Guatemala, where its passage resulted in at least 150 disappeared. Rescuers and soldiers have been searching since Saturday for the bodies of the inhabitants of an indigenous village in the north of the country, which was left under the mud after a landslide.

In Honduras, the strong floods in the north and northwest of the territory left 23 dead according to the authorities. The cyclone also hit Nicaragua hard, where more than 5,000 people were affected and two died.

Floods in Havana

The tropical storm crossed the center of Cuba this weekend where the heavy rains they left significant damage. During its transit from south to north, the storm weakened, but now, as it moves away, it continues to spew heavy rainfall over the island. And threat to provoke floods on the coast of Havana where strong swells with height of waves from between 3 and 4 meters.

The authorities have adopted various provisions, including the suspension of the teaching activities this Monday, as well as the reduction from circulation of public transport to reduce the mobility of people in the middle of this weather contingency. Also they have been evacuated a people who live in low-lying areas prone to penetration by the sea or the accumulation of rainwater.

Damage assessment

Cuban specialists and authorities affirm that the greater impact from And in Cuba have been the rain bands that could saturate the soils in some areas. In the last 24 hours, more than 70 places in the Institute of Meteorology and the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources Cubans reported rainfall above the 100 millimeters per square meter, of which 9 are above the 200 millimeters.

In the central provinces, Holy Spirit Y Ciego de Avila damage has been reported in hundreds of homes Y agricultural crops and the power outage for some 180,000 clients, according to the state-run Cuban News Agency.

In addition, they have been incommunicado some localities affected by floods caused by flood of several rivers in those regions, where more than 74,000 people living in homes in poor condition or areas at risk of flooding were protected in private homes and state evacuation centers.



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