Cubans who voted for Donald Trump want four more years of pressure on Cuba

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They were key to the triumph of the president in the state. And they hope that it will continue for four more years to encircle the socialist government of the island.

The Cubans who voted for President Donald Trump, an essential part of their triumph in Florida, as they stopped Joe Biden in the important and traditionally Democratic Miami-Dade County, They now hope I get four more years in the White House to finish off his policy of pressure on the Government of Cuba.

After the night celebrations on Calle Ocho in Little Havana, exile leaders and ordinary citizens of this unique community in the Latin universe of the United States reflect in statements to Efe about what could happen if Trump is re-elected.

“This regime (that of Cuba) only comes out of power with sustained pressure“, affirms Orlando Gutiérrez, leader of the Cuban Democratic Directorate, an organization in the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance.

Cuban exiles have regained strength since Trump arrived at the White House and began to dismantle the normalization of relations with Cuba announced in 2014 by Barack Obama in agreement with then-Cuban President Raúl Castro.

Republican Senator Marco Rubio, born in Miami to exiled Cuban parents, is said to is the voice that inspires Trump in his pressure measures to the regime founded by Fidel Castro more than 60 years ago.

Rubio wrote on Twitter, in response to messages from users who doubted Trump’s victory in a Texas county, that “a multi-ethnic working-class coalition” managed to reduce the Democratic lead in Miami-Dade of the 30 points that Hilary Clinton took from Trump in 2016 to just over 7 points.

Trump beat Biden in Florida by 3.5 points according to the still-unfinished official scrutiny of Tuesday’s presidential election, in which there is still no definite winner.

Not only did Cubans vote for Trump in Miami-Dade, but also Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, Colombians, and other Latinos who see him as a fighter against socialism and for conservative people from the many origins that coexist in such a diverse society.

The enthusiasm for voting that washed over Floridians in this election and brought people to the polls who had never cared before by exercising this right it may also have had an influence.

In these elections the participation of 2016 was far exceeded. The Florida Department of Elections today provisionally estimated it at 76.7%.

The group Cubans for Biden, which made an effort during the campaign to minimize Trump’s warnings that, with Biden, the United States will be socialist, said on Twitter this Wednesday that it was not the Cubans who stopped Biden but the Post Office service .

An investigation said that 27.5% of the votes by mail in Miami-Dade they were not turned over to the electoral authorities on time and were lost under Florida law.

“I think a majority of the community mobilized in different ways,” Gutiérrez said when Efe asked him whether or not it was the Cubans.

In his opinion, “the Cuban exile massively voted en bloc against a return to Obama’s policy towards Cuba (…) The message could not be clearer: we want a real change in Cuba, no openings towards communist tyranny “.

When asked by Efe about the cost of Trump’s sanctions and measures for Cubans on the island, he pointed out that “economic openness towards that regime does not help the people of Cuba, it feeds its repressors.”

“Those of us who know that system best are the ones who have suffered from it. The American policy towards Cuba must remain united with the achievement of freedom, or it will not benefit the people. That is why a policy towards Cuba like Obama’s, which ignores to Cuban exile, is doomed to failure, “he concludes.


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