CTP wrote an editorial for republica.ro, where he told how his first meeting with the former US ambassador to Bucharest in 2001-2004, Michael Guest, took place.

In his text, Cristian Tudor Popescu talks about homosexuality and mentions that “he had nothing to do with homosexuals”, but he did not agree with same-sex marriage or adoption. In addition, the journalist says, he himself received advances, throughout his life, which he rejected “sometimes even violently”.

“I was on my way to the US ambassador’s residence in Bucharest, stressed as a child, when I had to meet an unknown human being. Michael E. Guest’s homosexuality was well known, publicly stated by himself. He had come to Bucharest with his partner, Alex Nevarez, an opportunity for CV Tudor to publish some hideous articles in “Greater Romania”.

I was screwed. I was not gay or a fan of gay & lesbian shows. From a human point of view, I had nothing to do with them, but I did not agree with marriage, a heterosexual institution, between people of the same sex, nor with adoption (I am not now either). As individuals, we do not consider them dangerous at all, but granting special collective rights to the LG community (as, by the way, to any minority) did not seem right to me.

That’s on a rational level. Instinctively, I had rejected, sometimes even violently, some advances that had been made to me over time. I’ve never been able, even though I’m a film critic and historian, to watch more than a few seconds of a men’s porn movie. ”‘, wrote CTP on republica.ro.

Michael Guest FOTO lgbtqnation.com

“I was afraid of the reaction I might have when I shake hands with the ambassador. As a professional journalist, I was not allowed to blink, any shadow of repulsion would have undermined the meeting from the start.

The technology will make the instant data transfer between two people who do nothing but “shake hands” in many years. Michael Guest’s handshake, firm, strong enough, and at the same time warm, direct, attentive, slightly smiling and, how to tell you, honest, made a kind of electronic contact with me. My shit melted instantly, as if it hadn’t happened.

We talked for almost two hours. About Romania, about America, about politicians and about people. The job made me meet many US and other state officials in Bucharest. I had never seen a desire like Michael’s to know and understand this country in depth. He knew the history of Romania very well. He now wanted to feel how Romanians think about the grass, beyond official contacts and festivism, he considered this essential for an efficient diplomacy, for the benefit of both countries. Yes, Michael had in mind the good of Romania, not only of America, in everything he did here. He was the first ambassador to Bucharest with an unequivocal and consistent public attitude against corruption. And this in the early 2000s, under the Nastase regime. All the PSD staffs, trampled on the tail, were more and more hostile to him during the whole mandate. I remember the forgetfulness that Prime Minister Adrian Năstase threw at me, “joking” in his characteristic style: “It is heard that you are often the guest of Mr. Ambassador Guest (guest – nm) …”.

Michael had tough enemies. He once told me, thoughtfully, that SO Vântu had managed to buy “babies” even in the US Congress … ”, also told CTP.

The journalist has only words of praise for the American diplomat, about whom he states that he has a high intellectual and moral conscience.

” I saw Michael again in the winter of 2017, after the elections in Romania and the USA. Both old and sad. I have drawn two conclusions from what I have said: that time has passed over us, and that miserable times are coming in his country and in my country. When we broke up, they had brought tears to her eyes …

I don’t know if we’ll meet again in this life. But Michael is always present in my mind and soul as the only foreign politician (I don’t talk about those Romanians) of those I have met, of high intellectual and moral conscience, who cares about the fate of Romania and Romanians. ”