Andros Townsend poured cold water on United’s neck as early as the seventh minute when the man fired the ball into the back corner Jeffrey Schluppin excellent feed.

United controlled the ball throughout the game to the extent of their will, but the visitor was also responsible for the next goal. This time the comma hit Wilfried Zaha,

Jordan Ayew had only smeared his own pen before a moment, but Palace was allowed to try again when ManU-Kassari David De Gea moved his finish line too early.

Donny van de Beek then brought some comfort to the hosts with his narrowing paint, but then hit Zaha again. The man first served coffee Victor Lindelöfille and then tinted to the front corner of the ball: 3–1.

United tried to get a reduction until the end, but the red shirts didn’t make it to the top. So, for the second time in a row, Palace applied for full points in ManU’s home cave.

The previous games of the day also saw goals. Everton knocked down the WBA as much as 5-2. Leeds, meanwhile, grabbed the full points pot from Fulham with a 4-3 win.

In Saturday night’s final match, Arsenal and West Ham will face off. The match starts at 22.00.