Bad luck Cal Crutchlow seems to have no limits, since the pilot of Honda He has seriously injured his left ankle after suffering an accident when leaving the revision of the shoulder that he operated a few months ago.

The Briton went to Barcelona to check the condition of the arm that was broken on the return to the World Cup after the pandemic, whose recovery is on the right track. Also, underwent a PCR test to see if he could reappear in the Grand Prix of Catalonia, after missing Misano’s double date, but then suffered the mishap.

Crutchlow slipped when leaving the cabin ready for the test to be performed, breaking ankle ligaments, as reported by his team and confirmed by the doctor Max Ibanez, member of the medical team of the Dr. Xavier Me.

Despite this injury, Honda waits to see the evolution to see if the pilot is in physical and mental conditions to get on the bike at the Circuit, as long as you have the ‘OK’ from the doctors.