The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo from Lisbon to Turin after being detected positive for COVID-19 continues to talk. First, Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora pointed out that the Juventus striker violated the protocol against the coronavirus and the attacker He has not hesitated to answer you with harsh words: “It’s all a lie.”

Cristiano made a direct on Instagram to share a while with his millions of followers of said social network and took advantage of the meeting to transmit a message and tranquility towards his fans. Well, he clarified that “I want to leave you the message that everything is fine. I have no symptoms and I feel strong.”

In addition, he noted that “I am here at home taking a little sun, it is not too hot, but can i have some vitamin d“, and revealed that” I have slept well, I have fed well and I have sunbathed. In Portugal it was top, it was 23 degrees, here are 15 or so. I hope to get back to training, playing and enjoying life as soon as possible. I have to be at home in quarantine. The rest of my family is in another floor of my house “.

Cristiano stressed that “I am in quarantine, respecting the laws, regulations and protocols. I did not break any protocol as I have heard, that I violated Italian laws. This is all a lie. I did things well. We entered Italy in a medicalized planeThe transfers were by ambulance without having contact with anyone, “he recalled.

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    David Sánchez de Castro

He also insisted that “all those things that are being said are all lies, mainly a man, of whom I will not say the name, from here in Italy says that I did not comply with the protocol. It is simply a lie. I complied with all protocols. I fulfilled and I will always fulfill them. I don’t like getting into polemics and debates. I have my opinion, obviously, but there will be another moment to give my opinion on what is happening. “

On the other hand, the Portuguese soccer star regretted having to be away from the grounds game, “but you have to respect the protocols. What matters is that everything is fine,” he explained.

Quick response

El minister Spadafora reacted quickly to the accusations of Cristiano, to whom criticized for his behavior “arrogant” and “disrespectful towards institutions”.

“The fact that some footballers are very well known does not authorize them to be arrogant, disrespectful towards institutions and lying. What’s more, when a person is well known should have the responsibility to think and be an example, “said the politician in statements to the Italian media

Spadafora wanted to settle the controversy: “I do not want to continue talking about this issue. I confirm what I said about leaving the hotel on the part of some Juventus players, based on communications from the club to the ASL (Local Health Department) in Turin. “