Criticizes NFF – now there is complete chaos around the women’s cup final

General manager of Toppfotball women Hege Jørgensen goes out against NFF after they moved the women’s cup final from Ullevaal Stadium. Now the Secretary-General replies that it is all a misunderstanding.

There is chaos around where the cup final between LSK and Vålerenga will be played.

The match was initially to be played at Ullevaal Stadium on December 13, but earlier on Thursday the competition director of the Norwegian Football Association confirmed that the match will be moved from the national arena.

– Ullevaal Stadium has been informed that it

, Nils Fisketjønn told VG.

VG was also in dialogue with operations manager at Ullevaal Stadium, Morten Grødahl. He confirmed that it was practically possible for them to carry out the match at the arena on December 13, and that they had a plan for this, but that they had now been told by the association that the match would not take place there.

– You have been notified?

– Yes, we have been told that it will not be played at Ullevaal Stadium, Grødahl replied.

It provoked reactions from the general manager of Toppfotball women, Hege Jørgensen.

– I must say this came as a surprise to me. Unfortunately, we have not been involved here and I wonder why. NFF has always known that the changing rooms had to be rebuilt. They were supposed to on the original date as well, Jørgensen tells VG.

NFF mentioned both the expansion of the locker room and the protection of the deck on the pitch as the reason for it being moved. Jørgensen does not buy it.

– That the girls destroy the tire are arguments that have been used all along. But then I remind you that the men’s final last year took place on 8 December. In addition, we know that the wear after a women’s match is significantly less than a men’s match.

She also says that she thinks it is “a pity and unfortunate to move the cup final away from the national arena, which we had been really looking forward to returning to”.


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