I met Cristina Mihaela “fighting” for her stylistic creed with the jurors from Bravo, you have style !, but life and the producers from Kanal D gave her the chance to take a step forward and offered her the baton. magic of Andreea Mantea, proposing her the role of presenter at the matrimonial reality show Puterea Dragostei. A challenging situation, in which she discovers herself and tries to understand the competitors involved, at a time when fate has put her to the test in love. About the new situation and her life after two recent separations, in the following.

OK !: You are already in the third production of Kanal D as a presenter and it has been a while since you have been on the set of Love Power in Turkey. What was it like to take the place of Andreea Mantea, who had managed to attract a generous audience in front of the TVs?

Cristina: As colleagues in the trust, it was quite easy, because we took the reins from her. Andreea did an extraordinary thing here, she showed people that if you truly love yourself, you can prove the power of love. Somehow, it was much easier for me, without helping me physically, she gave me the courage to be able to face this show, and even more, when I decided that I would come to present, she gave me some tips. He told me, first of all, that I must be strong.

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