“I went to the store and I saw this woman coming out of the store and going to the car and I asked her if it was her car and she answered me in a very vulgar language, which I can’t reproduce. , that what interests me. I walked into the store and left her cursing. I started shopping, I put bananas, I was with my back and when I came back I woke up with a fist in the face […] She was incredibly strong, at the moment I didn’t realize she had anything sharp here and I fell. I spilled a lot of blood, people around me were looking, no one called the police or SMURD, she ran away. I was already very sick, “said Joia for ProTV News.

The security guard at the store said he saw nothing because he had gone out to smoke. A saleswoman reported that the attacker entered the store, hit Cristina Joia and left without saying anything.

The Capital Police announced that the police officers notified themselves ex officio in terms of committing the crime of hitting and other violence and are carrying out activities to detect the perpetrator and to establish all the circumstances that led to the event.

Depending on the number of days required for medical care to watch ProTV, the legal classification of the deed will be made: either beatings or other violence, or personal injury.