According to a statement from the Capital Plural, the incident took place around 17:00. Section 14 Police was notified by call 112 regarding the aggression.

According to a Facebook post by ProTV journalist Ovidiu Oante, the driver attacked Cristina Joia and “He hit her in the face with a hard object – it is not clear if a” box “or key – crushing her nose and causing a wound of a few centimeters.

Cristina Joia was transported, full of blood and almost fainted, to Bagdasar Arseni Hospital, where she underwent surgery.
Police have identified the aggressor with the help of images captured by surveillance cameras, but do not hold her accountable, because she is waiting for the television producer to get out of the hospital and file a criminal complaint., says Oante.

In the communiqué quoted above, the Capital Police transmits that the police officers notified themselves ex officio in terms of committing the crime of hitting and other violence and carry out activities to detect the perpetrator and to establish all the circumstances that led to the event.

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