Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction after Diego Maradona’s unthinkable praise

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The Portuguese star of Juventus was contacted on the occasion of the tribute for the birthday of D10S. And he was met with a caress he did not expect.

A single interview provided -so far- Diego Armando Maradona in anticipation of the sixtieth anniversary of his birth. And in it he left many titles, one of them related to Cristiano Ronaldo.

In a conversation with the journalists of France Football magazine, the best footballer in history praised the Portuguese star Juventus and also Lionel Messi, the best of today: “Messi and Cristiano, Cristiano and Messi … For me these two are way above the others. I don’t see anyone approaching them. Not a single one achieves half of what they do“.

From that and other statements of the Ten, France Football contacted Cristiano Ronaldo and asked him for an opinion on the author of The Hand of God and the most impressive goal ever made. “Are you saying he said about me that I made him dream? Well, I know that he made me dream too,” he expressed amazed by the mime.

Diego Maradona will turn 60 this Friday and the world of football is awaiting this event. To honor him, the prestigious magazine France Football has prepared a special edition dedicated to 10, with an exclusive interview of which a small preview could already be seen.

Diego was asked what gift he wanted for the 60s and, as in his best years, the current Gymnastics coach nailed it at an angle: “I dream of scoring another goal against the English, this time with my right hand, ha.” The other hand of God?

DM talks about 1986, the year he conquered the world with the Mexican National Team and brought the English to their knees just after the Malvinas War. The photo that illustrates the cover of the magazine shows a Maradona dressed in albiceleste but is a little older, from the early 80s, and is entitled: “Diego is great.”

Among the previews of the interview that will come out in paper edition this Wednesday, there is also an answer about the best footballers of today. There are no surprises here: “Messi and Cristiano, Cristiano and Messi … For me, these two are far above the others. I don’t see anyone approaching them. Not one of them achieves half of what they do.”

Finally, Diego tells the story of the day that he was about to be a reinforcement of Olympique de Marseille, a pass that was frustrated in the midst of a strained relationship he had at that time with the president of Napoli, Corrado Ferlaino.

Maradona says: “The Marseille leaders contacted me and offered to double my salary. I was playing in Napoli at the time and President Ferlaino told me that if we won the UEFA Cup (in 1989 they beat Stuttgart in the final ), he would let me go. Bernard Tapie (then president of OM) and Michel Hidalgo (his sports manager) even came to see me in Italy to make a proposal and for us to discuss it all together. Once I returned to Naples (the meeting had place in Milan), I said to Ferlaino: ‘Thank you President for all these beautiful years, I am leaving.’ At that moment, he started to play dumb, as if he did not understand, and backed off. End of story. “

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