American Kathryn Mayorga has accused football player Cristiano Ronaldo of rape. In 2010, the superstar paid the woman a total of $ 375,000, or about $ 319,000, with which the parties were to agree.

However, the agreement is not entirely clear.

Judge of the case Jennifer Dorseyn according to the court now assesses whether Mayorga was mentally capable of signing the contract offered by the Ronaldo camp in 2010 and “whether any contract has been made at all”.

Lawyer Leslie Mark Stovallin according to Mayorga suffered as a child with learning difficulties and did not have the legal ability to sign a non-disclosure agreement. According to him, Ronaldo’s representatives put pressure on the woman.

“The court must decide whether Mayorga was able to agree to the agreement,” Dorsey wrote According to the Guardian.

If Mayorgan is found to have been able to make its own decisions, he must continue to commit to the non-disclosure agreement. In this case, the legality of the contract is dealt with in camera.

The law team led by Stovall wanted Mayorgan’s brother to be appointed as his guardian for the duration of the case. However, the judge refused.

The session session date will be agreed by the end of November.

Was the contract information leaked?

Mayorgan believes Ronaldo or the superstar’s aides violated the confidentiality agreement in 2017, when details of the agreement began to appear in European magazines. Mayorga is demanding at least $ 200,000 from Ronaldo.

Ronaldo’s lawyers have argued that the content of the agreement has ended up in the hands of the media because of cybercriminals. According to the lawyers, the cybercriminals have hacked and stolen the data and possibly also altered the content of the agreement “to damage Ronaldo’s reputation”.

Mayorga has previously reported that Ronaldo raped her at a hotel in Las Vegas in 2009. The woman says she left to continue the evening with the superstar and her friends at the hotel. According to Mayorgan, the rape took place in the bedroom of a hotel room suite.

Ronaldo was not charged with the alleged rape. The judge ruled in 2019 that there was not enough evidence.