Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the characters that more attracts attention within the world of football and sports. Inside the field it is pure spectacle with its dribbles, jumps and goals, and outside it, all extravagance with its cars, watches and outfits.

The last of these has been the one that has made him viral recently in a publication he shared on social networks in which he is seen with the sunset in the background of his yacht. However, the reason it has attracted attention is because of its eye-catching kimono-pajamas that has generated all kinds of reactions.

A set of the prestigious Louis Vuitton brand, which he wears frequently, valued at around 2,000 pounds, 2,200 euros approximately, as revealed by the British media The Sun. The newspaper explains that the ‘look’ of the Juventus star is sold separately, with the top priced at 1,050 euros and the pants for 938.

Following the image, in social networks numerous types of comments have spread, usually in the form of derision, with a trend that has become viral over the others.

“Ronaldo looks like a man whose grandmother insisted on taking a picture of him with the new pajamas she just bought for his birthday”, “so much money to buy you the ugliest pajamas in the store” or “my mother wears that when sleep ”, were some of the comments that were most successful.