The Portuguese Football Association announced on Tuesday that superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has been diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. Ronaldo will not play in the League of Nations against Sweden on Wednesday.

The superstar is asymptomatic and well-off, but was quarantined at a hotel in Lisbon.

However, the isolation did not detain Ronaldo for long, as he is Portuguese According to A Bola left Portugal.

The superstar was taken to Tires Airport on Wednesday, where an ambulance was waiting for him. According to the newspaper, Ronaldo continues quarantine in Turin, Italy.

TV channel editor of beIN Sports Tancredi Palmerin according to him, it is a gimmick with the interest rate rules of different countries. Portugal still demanded 14 days of quarantine on Wednesday morning, but in Italy there only needs to be ten days in solitary confinement. Decontamination, of course, requires a negative corona test.

If Ronaldo’s corona test is negative, he will be released from quarantine on October 27th.

Represented by a superstar, Juventus will only face Barcelona a day later in the Champions League. Ronaldo would have preferred to play on, but his coach decided otherwise.

According to Palmer, Portugal also shortened the quarantine to ten days on Wednesday afternoon, but Ronaldo already had time to board the plane.

Ronaldo will have to miss at least two Juventus matches. At least he’s not playing against Crotone and the Kiev Dynamo.

Livisti again

According to news agency AFP, Ronaldo and four other Juventus players slipped from the corona insulation last week. The players left the Juventus Hotel, even though they did not yet know the results of the latest corona tests.

Players and staff found themselves in isolation when a club staff member was diagnosed with a corona infection. The team was allowed to practice, but outside contacts were prohibited.

The top five may even be threatened with legal action.