Cristian Traverso and his proposal for the Boca attack

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The former defender joined the controversy over Boca’s 9. His stance? Soldano outside and rearmed the scheme with Salvio as Tevez’s partner.

What Franco Soldano has played a weak game against Libertad and could not with the two heads up that he had perhaps has been the trigger for the controversy. A discussion that is not from now, which comes since Miguel Ángel Russo opted for the Cordovan as a partner of Carlos Tevez in attack. But as Boca won, thrashed and was even champion, the presence of the former starter was never questioned as much as this time Olympiacos. So far, of course, it seems that the position of 9 is vacant (less for DT, obviously). Cristian Traverso, former player of the club, referred to this issue and marked his position.

“I would play with Tevez and Salvio in attack. But Boca does not have a 9. Boca is playing without forwards. I would like him to be Wanchope but it is not. We have played finals without forwards. It does not mean anything to have a striker if he does not reach him, “started the former defender who is currently 48 years old.

And he added: “I don’t want to fall for Soldano. If he plays 9, it will be useful, but if not, no. If the coach is comfortable like this, it turns out to win like this, the fans care about that. But I say that for the great objectives, if you cover up those two possibilities that you have to attack, it becomes difficult and you have to look for variants. It is what we have and you have to fight anyone “.

Unlike other times he has spoken, where what stood out was the harshness of his sayings, in this case Traverso was more analytical. “Boca is not playing well. You can play badly, it’s allowed. But you don’t have to get used to playing badly. I don’t understand how Capaldo doesn’t play in this team. He has another route, he presses higher. It is a bit messy but he presses well.” , he pointed. And in his dialogue with TyC Sports, he completed: “Today they give Villa the nickname of savior and the football council may not think that. They defend him in stages and that’s it. Boca has to have variants.”

In addition, he assured that he wants “to play against River now, although Boca is like this”, that “River does not want to because he is comfortable and has more to lose than to win” and that “Boca needs that thirst for revenge. Finally, he went to the bone: “If it happens in the second round, well, if it is later, better. If it is in the final, we would row Argentine football, despite the leaders, and we would have two Argentine teams in the final of the Libertadores “.

“I want to open a parenthesis to congratulate the players for carrying out the task of playing in a pandemic. If it were up to our leaders we would be ironed like Argentine football. I am not an anti-Riquelmist or anti-Boca. We are in a difficult context, but to give the ball to a Mate is not that difficult. We can demand to compare ourselves with the other team, it’s not that. Today there is no measure. Boca played badly. But they have also played badly. “

“At the time Gallardo was also typing and they supported him. Perhaps at that time River could not pay another coach. Boca had so many coaches in six years.”

“Not because you don’t win the Cup you have to fire a coach. You have to respect the contracts. We always compare Boca with Bianchi’s, with Riquelme, with Aimar, with Ortega.”

“I didn’t want (Edwin) Cardona to come back. He’s extraordinary in quality but he’s lacking in rhythm. Even now that you have it, you have to use it from the beginning, until the minutes it lasts, but from the start. It hits him from the outside. Pol Fernández does not hit him from outside. Who carries the ball to the rival area? “

“In 90% of the games, River arrives better, with better players and hierarchy. And Boca arrived rowing and with a combative team. In recent years, River left the individual hierarchy and plays as a team. Boca must prepare. It does not help me that a player cram in the most important final “.

“You have to prepare. I don’t want you to get cramped in a final because the plane was full of family and friends, tour type. Those things would not have happened to Bianchi. You have to make decisions. Even if they are not convenient, they must be with conviction, I mean the Villa theme. “


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