Crisis in Venezuela: they denounce that there are 359 political prisoners, 26 more than a month ago

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It was announced by the ON Penal Forum. Among those detained are 335 men and 24 women, of which 232 are civilians and 127 are military. There are two teenagers.

The NGO Foro Penal denounced that in Venezuela there are 359 political prisoners, 26 more than a month ago, when fifty inmates were released after different measures of grace granted by President Nicolás Maduro.

This was announced on his Twitter account by the president of that NGO, Alfredo Romero, who explained that the updated list will be sent to the Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, as well as the Office of the High Commissioner for UN Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

Among those arrested are 335 men and 24 women, of whom 232 are civilians and 127 are military. Of them, 357 are adults and two are adolescents.

The data from Foro Penal add that, since 2014, 15,621 arrests have been registered for political reasons in Venezuela.

On August 31, Maduro adopted a measure of grace that included prison pardon and dismissal of various causes to 110 people.

Among them were politicians, assistants to the opposition leader Juan Guaidó or citizens arrested in confusing circumstances and whose cases did not count with judicial clarity.

According to the data from Foro Penal, six of the beneficiaries were released without any pending proceedings, 24 were out of prison but with pending proceedings, 26 were investigated “for political reasons” but they were not incarcerated, one was a common prisoner and 53 were in prison, although initially they said that there were 50 incarcerated.

After those releases, they reported that 333 political prisoners still remained, a figure that has increased by 26 inmates.

The NGO did not give information about the reasons why these 26 people have been imprisoned, but in recent weeks there have been protests in various regions of Venezuela against the government’s management, given the shortage of gasoline and basic services .

However, so far the number of detainees during these protests is not known.

Last week, Jorge Rodríguez, former Minister of Communication and candidate for deputy in the contested parliamentary elections on December 6, repudiated the update oral report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, where she delegitimized the legislative acts and ratified the violations in Venezuela.

“As always, running the errand and attacking the right of Venezuelans to a free election without interference,” the official leader Rodríguez attacked through the social network Twitter indicated that the elections “are attended by 107 parties, 98 of them opposition parties. , and more than 14 thousand candidates “of which, as he said, “More than 13,000 are from the opposition.”

In addition, he stressed that “Venezuela has an automated, safe and efficient electoral system, certified by the Carter center and the EU when they went as observers to elections” in the country. Rodríguez asked if there is any use to “denouncing the interference of the ‘hairy hands’ that swarm in his office, always ready to lie about Venezuela, its people and its democracy.”

Source: EFE and ANSA



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