Crisis in Venezuela: the opposition urged the Armed Forces to withdraw their support for Nicolás Maduro

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He pointed out that “the regime is organizing for a new attack against the citizens” with the aim of staying in power.

The Venezuelan opposition once again urged the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) to withdraw support for the “dictatorship” of Nicolás Maduro, who “is organized to massively attack the Venezuelan people with the aim of staying in power.”

As noted through his Twitter account Iván Simonovis, who was appointed by Juan Guaidó special commissioner for Security and Intelligence of the opposition representation in the United States, “the regime is organized for a new onslaught against citizens. “

“From systematic, the violation of human rights will become massive,” said the opponent, who added that “by fire and blood they will seek to continue in power “, for which he appealed to the Armed Forces “to step forward through the country and withdraw their support for the Venezuelan dictator.”

The opposition led by Guaidó, who was recognized in January 2019 as the president in charge of Venezuela by some 50 countries, repeatedly calls on the military to stand “on the side of the Constitution” and to reject the “dictatorship” that, it considers, exercises Maduro from the Presidency.

However, the vast majority of FANB troops who withdrew their support for the president fled abroad for fear of reprisals from the government.

According to the president of the Organization of Political Persecuted Venezuelans in Exile (Veppex) -based in Miami-, José Colina, around 4,000 soldiers left of the Caribbean country in recent years, after taking a stand against Chavismo.

On April 30, 2019, the opposition led by Guaidó carried out an attempted uprising against the Executive, but only counted with the support of some 40 members of the Armed Forces.

After the failed operation, the opponents assured that, in previous days, a large number of soldiers – which they never specified – had promised to support Guaidó’s plan but that, at the last minute, they backed down out of fear of the consequences that it could bring about.

Currently, around 250 soldiers are imprisoned, according to the non-governmental organization Justicia Venezolana dedicated to the defense of FANB officials detained “for political reasons.”

Source: EFE



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