Crisis in Venezuela: the opposition launches the anti-fraud operation for the legislative elections

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It intends to register alleged irregularities in the legislative acts of December 6, in order to present them both to the country and to the international community.

The Venezuelan opposition called on citizens to leave the voting centers “empty” on December 6, when it will activate andl “Operation Against Fraud“with a view to registering alleged irregularities in legislation, in order to present them both to the country and to the international community.

The activity will have the deployment of observers in the electoral centers, and will take place on December 5 and 6 during the first phase of the Popular Consultation promoted by Juan Guaidó, head of Parliament and recognized as interim president for more than 50 countries, to ignore the “farce” of the legislative.

“We tell people not to participate in the electoral fraud of Nicolás Maduro on December 5 and 6. We are going to deploy the anti-fraud observatory, in which we are going to have the entire system to collect information, evidence and demonstrations to support the complaint against fraud, “said Emilio Graterón, a member of the Committee, at a press conference in Caracas.

In addition, he explained that, in the second Phase of the Consultation, which is Digital Participation from December 7 to 12, “Any Venezuelan over 18 years of age with their identity card or passport, expired or current, you can participate through digital platforms “.

He explained that the mobile application that will be used is from the American company Voatz, while the development for social networks was created by the Colombian company Asistencia Ciudadana SAS. You can’t cheat, “said Graterón.

In addition, he specified that this second phase will “activate the mobilization phase to ask citizens to participate in the popular consultation, offering them access to the voting application. “

“December 12 will be the day of the global mobilization for democracy and freedom that denounces fraud and calls for free, fair and verifiable elections,” he said.

He also said that the in-person voting of the consultation will be done with “blank notebooks”, and that “each line will issue a code that is entered into the system, that is, one code per vote, and then the notebooks are destroyed to prevent the disclosure of private information.”

“The system and the mode of participation allow the results to be known in real time. The great delay that may occur is when the votes are transferred from the notebook to the application,” he said.

In turn, the former magistrate Blanca Mármol León, also a member of the Consultation Committee, warned that the regime does not comply with the demonstration of the popular will and does not enforce its binding character, international organizations will be contacted.

“If this manifestation of the popular will is not respected here, we have to enforce it in terms of its binding nature, It will be done by going to the International Community at the OAS, The UN, the Lima Block, the European Union, the TIAR member countries, which have the obligation to maintain democracy in the hemisphere, “he emphasized.

He stressed that the consultation is a direct expression of the popular will that is protected in the Constitution and that it is exercised without the partition of the National Electoral Council.

“This constitutional right seeks to express all that feeling of citizenship that can no longer endure levels of misery,” he said.

The consultation, raised within the “unitary pact” signed by 37 political parties and more than a hundred civil organizations, seeks to activate all national and international pressure mechanisms to achieve “free, fair and verifiable” presidential and parliamentary elections and put an end to the Maduro regime.

Source: ANSA




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