Crisis in Venezuela: the Chavista regime attacks Spain due to the escape of the opposition Leopoldo López

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The government of Nicolás Maduro accuses the Spanish ambassador in Caracas for the departure of the opposition leader. Madrid detaches itself from the case.

The escape of the Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López once again stressed relations between the Chavista regime and Spain. At least apparently. The government of Nicolás Maduro accuses Moncloa of “complicity” in the flight of López, whom it describes as a “coup leader”.

However, Caracas’ wrath focuses exclusively on the outgoing Spanish ambassador, Jesús Silva, and three Venezuelan employees of the diplomatic legation, detained by the intelligence service.

After a year and a half taking refuge in the Spanish embassy in Caracas, it was learned on Saturday that López had left the building, clandestinely crossing the border with Colombia and landing on Sunday in Madrid, where his family was already. Different media speak of a risky operation, with the collaboration of several countries. However, Sources of the divided Venezuelan opposition believe there was a pact.

“It is clearly verifiable that the head of the Spanish diplomatic mission in Venezuela acted as the main organizer and confessed accomplice” of López’s escape, the Bolivarian Foreign Ministry affirms in a statement, which accuses Silva of “biased diplomatic practice” .

The note assures that the ambassador was aware of “the mercenary operation called Gedeon”, the frustrated landing in May in Venezuela – for which Caracas blames López – of a group that tried to kidnap Maduro.

Also the number two of Chavismo, God given hair, focused its criticism on the diplomat. “(López) was a guest and guests don’t flee; the ambassador, even if it was just that, must have accompanied him to the door, ”said Cabello.

Despite these serious considerations, Venezuela has not expelled Silva, as it did in early 2018 for much less. After three months, the Andalusian diplomat – appointed a year earlier by the former head of the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy – returned to Caracas.

Coincidentally, Spain announced just a month ago the replacement of Silva, who will be replaced by the current ambassador to Cuba, the Catalan Juan Fernández Trigo, close to the PSOE, with good relations with the Castro regime and that after the application of article 155 in Catalonia In 2017 – with which the then government of the Popular Party intervened in the autonomous region after its failed independence referendum – he took over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Generalitat.

The relief has not yet taken place and Silva is still in Caracas, from where defends its neutrality. “We have always been respectful of the principle of non-interference in internal affairs and, in that sense, the embassy has been neutral and respectful of that principle,” Silva told the EFE news agency yesterday. For its part, the Spanish Foreign Ministry limited itself to informing on Saturday that López’s departure “was the result of a voluntary and personal decision.”

Opposition sectors believe that, beyond the regime’s gesticulation, having mediated a pact between Caracas and Madrid, Maduro’s intention is to try to get the government of the socialist Pedro Sánchez to send Spanish observers to the legislative elections on December 6 to desperately try to legitimize elections boycotted by the majority of anti-Chavez.

By Robert Mur



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