Crisis in Venezuela: started another week of “radical quarantine” crossed by protests against the lack of gasoline and electricity

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According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict, from January to September, the country registered 7,000 protests due to constant failures in public services and the shortage of gasoline.

Venezuela began another week of “radical” quarantine amid protests over gasoline shortages and failures in the supply of drinking water, electricity and domestic gas that affect the lives of citizens in various regions of the country.

In addition, the social confinement that is fulfilled under the “7 + 7” scheme designed by the government of Nicolás Maduro to cut the chain of infections, occurs after the seven days of flexibility contemplated in the scheme have ended on Sunday.

The 7 + 7 plan designed in Venezuela has proven its effectiveness, by virtue of this, in this new week of Conscious and Voluntary Radical Quarantine, I trust that the people will remain safe, protecting their own, “said the president through the social network Twitter. And he added : “The key against Covid-19 is to take care of ourselves.”

During this week, mobility will only be allowed to the people who have the respective safe-conduct or work card for prioritized services, such as food, health, transportation and security.

The rest of the economic sectors are obliged to paralyze their working hours until next October 19. Despite the “radical” quarantine las protestas Due to the lack of potable water, domestic gas, electricity and gasoline, they marked the day in various sectors of the states such as: Cojedes, Guárico, Monagas, and Mérida, where citizens blocked some roads in demand for the restitution of services.

The opposition leader Henrique Capriles, a former presidential candidate, denounced that several sectors of Caracas are without electricity, while the regime what it “does is hide the chaos.”

The former governor also specified that in the state of Miranda, neighboring Caracas, the towns of San Antonio de los Altos, Guarenas, Guatire, as well as several areas of the states of Zulia, Mérida and Vargas are without electricity service. “All they do is hide the electrical chaos. As long as they are in power, they are responsible and the people have the right to demand solutions, “he emphasized.

Likewise, Deputy Karim Vera denounced that in the state of Táchira, on the border with Colombia, there are sectors that “complete 130 hours without electricity.”

He criticized that “the neighbors must buy a transformer that is close to the 1,500 dollars that they do not have due to the crisis, while they are still in the dark and the state-owned Corpoelec does not provide any solution. “

In turn, the deputy María Hernández, lashed out at the start of another radical week that in the Monagas state is fulfilled “without gas, without gasoline, and with eggs at 1,500,000.00 bolivars“, about $ 3.3 compared to $ 0.88, which is equivalent to the monthly minimum wage of 400,000 bolivars.” The blockade is Maduro and his accomplices, “he said.

He stressed that the inhabitants “of the Los Cortijos sector have not been able to fill their bottles for more than six months,” while “our forests and morichales are going downhill.” “We know about the business of the PSUV (ruling party) for the sale of firewood,” he said.

The legislator demanded that the authorities report “why is fuel not supplied in Monagas continuously “, and rejected that” the week we can work we must queue up to 3 days “.

“It seems that decisions are made by stupid people who, in addition to snatching freedom, hate progress,” he said. According to the Venezuelan Observatory of Social Conflict (OVCS) from January to September the country registered 7,000 protests due to the constant failures in public services and the shortage of gasoline despite the state of alarm decreed by Maduro for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Venezuela accumulates a total of 83,137 infections and 697 deaths from coronavirus, so far according to official figures.

Source: ANSA



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