Crisis in Venezuela: Nicolás Maduro changes ministers to fight the energy “war”

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Interior Minister Néstor Reverol will lead the Energy Ministry to combat the “war” that the US declared on the country’s electricity system.

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, has announced this Sunday changes in his government team, including that of his until now Minister of the Interior, Néstor Reverol, who will take over the ownership of the Electric Power portfolio to combat, he said , “war” that has been declared to the sector.

“I have decided to place at the head of the Ministry of Electric Energy a general in chief knowledgeable about the subject, he has been serving as the vice-presidency of the Government for public services and I believe that the time has come for him to take charge of the Ministry of Electric Energy by Néstor Reverol Torres, “Maduro announced.

The Venezuelan president has explained that Reverol will have the mission of facing “the war” that the opposition and the United States have declared on the country’s electricity system, whose network has been operating in an unstable way since 2019, when the Maduro government denounced an attack on the main power plant in the country, the Simón Bolívar hydroelectric plant.

The governor of the state of Lara, Carmen Meléndez, has been chosen to replace Reverol at the head of the Ministry of the Interior, who already held this portfolio between 2014 and 2015, a year after having directed Defense (2013-2014).

Maduro, before the cameras of the Venezuelan television chain, has also announced that the until now Minister of Tourism, Félix Palencia, will be the country’s new ambassador to China, and will be replaced at the head of this portfolio by the economist Alí Padrón.

For his part, Freddy Brito, who was in charge of the Ministry of Electric Energy, has been designated as new chief of presidential operatives.

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