Crisis in Venezuela: Maduro reopens schools and teachers denounce lack of security measures

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Classes are virtual, but the government has a new plan that opens schools for 7 days for orientation.

Small groups of teachers protested this Monday against the restart of classes in Venezuela due to the lack of biosafety measures, equipment and low salaries, in a concentration that in Caracas was answered by another call from the ruling party that occupied the place where they were to meet.

In a place near the central Morelos square, where they initially planned to meet, the union leader Raquel Figueroa assured that the teachers face “total destruction” of their wages, which at this moment is less than a dollar a month.

In addition, he stressed, they must face the “total disappearance of social security”, which includes the “collapse of education as a human right.”

Figueroa also criticized the model imposed by the Government of Nicolás Maduro called “Every family, a school” that seeks to promote education from homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the model of partial flexibility that he calls 7 + 7.

In his opinion, at this time there are no “minimum conditions to establish the development of pedagogy in a distance mode” before the great technological gap that the country lives in, affected by constant blackouts, slow internet speed and lack of access to modern equipment.

“When a 7 + 7 flexibilization calls us, we find that in the vast majority of schools there are not even biosafety elements. We are simply facing a scam in education that remains a simple rhetoric, illusory elements to pretend to point world that here, in Venezuela there is a quality education, “the teacher stressed.

Venezuelan schools they resumed classes virtually on September 16 under the distance education program “Every family, one school”, although this Monday, when they start seven days of easing Partial quarantine, schools should reopen to provide assistance and guidance to parents and children.

These seven days of flexibility will be followed by another seven of quarantine and later a week of partial reopening, when, again, schools will be open for that orientation.

The opposition leader Juan Guaidó had also called the “Commands for Freedom and Free Elections”, made up of people who are in charge of explaining that the December elections are “a fraud”, of supporting the people in their protests and “fighting “by” free “voting, to join the teachers.

However, there was no presence of these groups, officially launched last Saturday, which Guaidó specifically urged to “accompany educators in the protests” of the teachers “in every corner of the country.”

The ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) summoned its supporters by surprise early in the morning to come to the Plaza Morelos in Caracas, the main concentration point for teachers in the capital.

The ruling party responded to the call and went to the plaza on foot and by motorcycle in what they called the Caracas Defense Plan.

In the presence of the Chavistas, the teachers moved their place of protest a few meters and only met for a few minutes with the sympathizers of the ruling party when they left the square.

Both the teachers and the defenders of Chavismo ignored the health recommendations in the pandemic to prevent the spread of COVID-19, ignoring the safety distance and the prohibition of physical contact.

During the brief encounter there were no incidents and the educators sang the national anthem.



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