Crisis in Venezuela: “Maduro does not do PCR tests to flatten the curve” of coronavirus, says opposition

Opposition deputies denounce that the government seeks to establish a false normality in the face of the December elections.

José Manuel Olivares, deputy to the National Assembly, denounced this Tuesday that the government of Nicolás Maduro decided “not to do more PCR tests” and decree a false normality and the end of the pandemic with the sole purpose of leading the country to an “electoral farce” on December 6 “on the corpse of thousands of Venezuelans.”

“The level of manipulation we are reaching is not to do tests to forcibly decrease a curve, not because the cases decreased or they manipulate the information, but because they decided to stop doing PCR tests,” the doctor also warned at a virtual press conference.

He specified that PCR tests are not being performed in the main and largest hospitals in six states of the country, and that in the three laboratories that the regime activated to carry out the tests, only “500 tests are being processed daily.”

In addition, he said that according to a monitoring carried out at the national level it was determined that “only 174 serological tests have been carried out in all of Venezuela.”

“The arrogance, the pride, the eagerness for the December electoral event, to solve a political problem about the corpse of the people make them decree a false end of the Covid-19 by not doing PCR tests,” he emphasized.

The legislator denounced again that it is “criminal” to hide the real number of those killed by the virus, and detailed that “the certified number of deaths from Covid-19, and with under-registration, is 1,539, and not 741 as reported by the regime “.

“Maduro does not want to recognize the deceased by Covid-19. He lies in the number of tests and in the number of deceased. The monitoring we have done is because we have the history, name, age and diagnosis of the patients who lost battle against Covid-19, “he said.

He also said that the death toll of health personnel rose to 225, who “lost their lives working without masks, without biosecurity equipment and with the lowest salary in the world.”

“We continue to maintain the highest mortality rate of health personnel in all of Latin America and the world,” he lamented.

The deputy warned that in the next two or three weeks, the country will present a significant increase in the number of cases, due to the “broad” relaxation announced by the socialist ruler and which will be fulfilled this week.

“There is no one here who has doubts, that in two or three weeks we will have an increase in cases, with a destroyed hospital capacity,” he said.

In this sense, he criticized that the country only has 400 therapy beds intensive between the public and private health system, of which “more than 50% are collapsed and occupied”, but “Maduro in his logic of building a false normality goes on to say that if they a few drops under the tongue every four hours they are giving a miraculous result in curing the virus. “

“Homeopathic medicine, a business with Cubans that has no academic or scientific endorsement, offers it as a solution to the virus,” he lashed out.

He also rejected Maduro’s recommendation, “plasma serum and rectal ozone as miraculous treatments for Covid-19 “, and that” politicizes the Russian vaccine sent to Venezuela in its phase III when it is not even prequalified by the WHO. “

“Medicine and science is based on evidence and results, not on populism of a liar“, he sentenced.

According to official figures, Covid-19 has left more than 87,000 infections and 741 deaths in this South American nation.


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