Crisis in Venezuela: Juan Guaidó launched the groups fighting for “freedom and fair elections”

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The opposition leader said that they will be made up of people who will be in charge of explaining that the December elections are “a fraud.”

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó launched the calls “Commands for Freedom and Free Elections”, made up of people who will be in charge of explaining that the December elections are “a fraud”, of supporting the people in their protests and “fighting” for “free, fair and verifiable” presidential and parliamentary votes.

“Today the Commandos for Freedom are activated for the future of our children,” said Guaidó, who also specified that the work of these groups also consists of “summon citizens to participate in the citizen consultation “, approved by the Assembly and whose date of celebration is unknown.

The opponent explained that the consultation, the details of which are expected in the coming days, “is a political route to achieve change in Venezuela, not an end in itself. “

The commandos were launched during a meeting attended by deputies of the National Assembly, representatives of political parties and civil organizations.

During the event, Guaidó stressed that the groups will be in charge of managing and articulating the demands of citizenship, as well as organize any protest, to turn “all struggles into one”.

The official announcement of the creation of the commandos was made on September 27, when it advanced some of the tasks that these groups would be in charge of, all focused on confronting the policies of the Government chaired by Nicolás Maduro.

At the meeting, the President of Parliament also urged “accompany educators in the protests that will be held in every corner of the country on Monday, October 5, “of which details are unknown.

“To protest with the teachers is to protest for the future of the country. I call on all of Venezuela to protest this October 5 with the teachers,” the opponent reiterated.

He also asked the Venezuelans “become replicators of the message “, Well, he said, “communication is essential to advance in the struggle, to mobilize, to exercise the majority and internal pressure.”

On the other hand, he insisted that “today more than ever the dictatorship is alone and weak, as well as The fraud of December 6 is defeatedand (legislative elections) that has the rejection of Venezuelans, but also that of the international community. “

“They are not winning because they have one more day in Miraflores (Presidency), they are losing every day. They are defeated, alone, weak and without figureheads because they are imprisoned, “he insisted.

In addition, he accused Maduro of being “a threat to the continent” due to “the links he has with terrorist and drug trafficking groups” and in the country “crimes against humanity are being committed.”

“Today the world cannot be indifferent to what happens in Venezuela. I wonder, for example, where is the Inter-American Charter of Human Rights when there are crimes against humanity in Venezuela? Is it a dead letter? “

Source: EFE



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