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He claims that it would be a historic step. The complex attempt by the opposition leader to prevent Chavismo from taking over the entire Parliament.

Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles, who just blown up the already weak opposition unit by proposing that the dissidents participate in the legislative elections next December, he demands that the European Union take a historic step and determine the observation of those elections.

In that line, he clings to the request that the autocrat Nicolás Maduro, sure of his triumph, made to Brussels and the United Nations to participate in that capacity in the elections in which Chavismo will seek to regain control of Congress that it lost in 2005.

For the opposition sector headed by deputy Juan Guaidó, considered interim president of Venezuela by fifty countries, those elections are unacceptable due to their fraudulent nature and insists on abstention.

“I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Who has a stellar, starring opportunity right now? Europe. For the first time in 14 years, the European Union has been invited to be an electoral observer. That can open a space for negotiation so that this election does not end up being someone’s calculation. Europe has a historic opportunity to help this country regain democracy, “Capriles told the newspaper. The country from Madrid.

In that sense, he defended his idea of ​​participating because “this election can open up new spaces for agreements that allow us to reach a presidential election. If we do things wrong, Venezuela can go from authoritarianism to totalitarianism, they would occupy all spaces of power. The total Cubanization of Venezuela ”.

Capriles, a social democrat, two-time presidential candidate and former governor of the state of Miranda, rejects Guaidó’s abstentionist strategy, which he describes as “an interim government that has no internal control.”

The leader, founder of Primero Justicia, which was the main party of the defunct Mesa de Unidad Democrática coalition, is aware of the impact produced by his decision to dissociate himself.

“Politics means generating agreements, seeking solutions for the people. We are looking for any crack that remains of democracy in Venezuela to get in there. There are people in Chavismo who are against everything or nothing, even if they show the opposite. Chavismo is bigger than Maduro or her spokesmen, “she told The country.

He recalled that in 2005 the opposition decided to abstain from the legislatures of that time and Hugo Chávez was left with all the seats. “In 2005, keeping our distance, we decided to give the Assembly to Chávez. Our message was that this Assembly was going to be delegitimized. And Chávez made laws, appointed powers. That assembly that is coming is the one to designate the new electoral power, which is the one that will govern all electoral processes, including a possible presidential election, ”he warned.

Prior to his announcement to participate in the election, a secret administration of the opposition politician with the mediation of Turkey allowed the pardon of 110 political leaders, half of them imprisoned. Capriles’ enemies maintain that what he has done has been to strengthen the regime by validating the election. Others call him “traitor” or “sold.”

“I have been asking for a correction, a change in strategy, a plan for more than a year. This is sold out. What is coming, if there is not, is great hopelessness and a lack of understanding with politics, “he said.

He added that “it is a false dilemma to vote or not to vote. The dilemma is to fight or not to fight. The big question is how change is achieved in Venezuela. It is not achieved by a military action that does not come, will not come and the majority of Venezuelans do not want it to come ”.

“If Maduro continues to have internal control, we cannot continue with the same strategy. Politics moves, the world moves, there is the nose of the leader to review strategies. The unit is not simply a photo, ”he remarked.

“Unity is a means, if it does not have a plan or strategy, it is of little use to people. Unity is not a photo of leaders, it is not that several parties release a statement. My adversary is not Guaidó, my fight is against Maduro, it always has been. If the unit has no strategy, it is intangible for the people, ends up being irrelevant “, he pointed out to The country.

In another passage, he distanced himself from the policy of sanctions applied by the US and Europe against the regime. “The sanctions must be used to negotiate for the return of democracy in Venezuela. And therein lies the serious mistake of those who believed that the sanctions were going to overthrow Maduro. Sanctions alone do not bring down governments ”.

“You have to be very careful that if you apply sanctions outside the government it does not affect the social fabric, which, far from strengthening Venezuelans in the fight against Maduro, weakens them. Sanctions can have the opposite effect. Maduro does not run out of gasoline, Venezuelans do. If we are weaker, that social fabric that you need to pressure the regime, you lose. Beware of weakening an already weakened social fabric. To the extent that you are poorer, you depend more on the Government, in the food, in the little fuel… That is what I have told some friends in the US ”.



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