Crisis in Venezuela: Guaidó says that the diplomatic channel is “exhausted” and calls for “decisive” actions against Maduro

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The opposition leader called on the UN and the international community to reinforce pressure against the Chavista regime.

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared that in his power dispute with President Nicolás Maduro, the diplomatic channel is “exhausted,” and called on the international community to “assume responsibility” and carry out “timely and decisive actions. “in the fight with the current chief executive.

“We have almost reached the end of the escalation that the pillars of responsibility to protect on peaceful and diplomatic mechanisms trace,” said Guaidó, noting that “too many times diplomacy has come late or not at all” to stop. great tragedies of humanity “.

“Now we must ask them to continue on the path of international pressure, because that is how the decline of the dictatorship will occur, “declared the opposition leader, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by more than 50 countries, in a speech in which he responded to Maduro’s words in the UN General Assembly , this Wednesday.

“I also raise the request to the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, to mobilize the political will of the member states to restore sovereignty and be able to protect the people,” insisted Guaidó, who directly addressed the UN chief to tell him that The “fundamental principles” of the organization “mean little if they are not applied when it is most needed.”

Guaidó focused his speech on attacking the government of Venezuela and once again insisted on accuse Maduro of using state resources to finance terrorism and the drug trafficking mafias.

For this reason, he said, a part of the international community has placed its trust in the opposition that he leads to distribute the funds and resources of the State that have been frozen to the government of Venezuela abroad, for the fight against the coronavirus pandemic .

The opposition leader too attacked the United Nations Human Rights Council, after a recent report by this office of the organization in which the government of Venezuela was accused of crimes against humanity within its borders.

“That it is Maduro who occupies that chair in the Human Rights Council should be another call for reflection by this body and on what we represent as a global society,” he said.

“Maduro not only does not want to respect and defend Human Rights; he also cannot. He cannot protect the victims from the consequences of his own crimes because it was he who, in the last seven years, led a political project that has shown itself incapable of attend to the crisis of public services, “he accused.

Guaidó also referred to the legislative elections called by Maduro for December 6, which he described as “fraud”, as they are nothing more than an attempt by the Venezuelan government to “usurp” the National Assembly, in the hands of the opposition Democratic Unity Table (MUD) and that he presides, according to complaint.

“His latest proposal to further undermine democracy in Venezuela is the call for an illegal and fraudulent process of parliamentary elections,” reiterated Guaidó, who considers the National Assembly as “the only legitimate pillar that remains standing” in the country.

“We have promoted all the democratic initiatives established in the Venezuelan Constitution, to find them illegally blocked,” stressed the opposition leader, and defended the “vehemence” of the opposition in recent years to achieve, among other things, “reconciliation and amnesty processes “.

Recently, Guaidó urged the opposition not to appear in the December elections, a decision supported by more than 30 political organizations, but which caused him to disagree with the two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, considered a leader among Maduro’s detractors. , who did call to participate in the elections.

Source: EFE and DPA



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