Crisis in Venezuela: Colombia militarizes its border in Cúcuta due to the arrival of thousands of Venezuelans

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He did so after receiving information that indicates the arrival of thousands of Venezuelan migrants who have departed from Caracas. According to the latest UN data, almost 5.5 million Venezuelans have left their country.

The Government of Colombia has deployed the Army and the Police in the border area with Venezuela in Cúcuta in order to close all the illegal crossings, popularly known as ‘trochas’, after receiving information pointing to arrival of thousands of Venezuelan migrants who have left from Caracas.

As explained by the commander of Region 5 of the Police, General Ramiro Castrillón, “it seeks to discourage that border crossing from Venezuela to Colombia. “” What we want is to verify the safety on the trails and also identify people who want to get to Colombia by those illegal roads, “he said, according to reports. Blue Radio.

By virtue of the decision taken together with the government of Norte de Santander, of which Cúcuta is the capital, as well as with Migración Colombia, the presence of the security forces has been reinforced in the 17 ‘trails’ that are detected in the area.

Castrillón indicated that those Venezuelans who have a Special Permit of Permanence (PEP) will be able to transit through the area and cannot be returned, while those who do not have said document humanitarian care will be provided, through government officials, the Red Cross and the UN.

In the event that cases of people with criminal records are detected, they will be handed over to Migración Colombia to proceed with their deportation, he said, according to the local newspaper ‘La Opinion’.

For his part, the Secretary of Borders, Víctor Bautista, clarified that will maintain the humanitarian corridor so that people who need urgent health care can pass, complying with a series of protocols and only at legal border crossings, which remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The mayor of Villa del Rosario, Eugenio Rangel, indicated in turn that they cross by the ‘trails’ between 500 and 600 people only in this town near Cúcuta. “What you hear is that many people come to the border from Caracas and other states in the interior of Venezuela with the idea of ​​traveling to other Colombian cities, which is worrying because of the implications it could bring to the inhabitants of the border,” Rangel assured.

According to the latest UN data, almost 5.5 million Venezuelans have left their country in recent years due to the serious political, economic and social crisis that his country is going through. According to the latest data from Migración Colombia, at the end of July there were more than 1.73 million Venezuelan citizens in the country, of which about 56 percent were in an irregular situation.

Precisely, to facilitate the situation, the Government of Iván Duque has created a new Special Permit of Permanence (PEP) that from this Thursday until February 15 Venezuelans may requests who arrived in Colombia before August 31, having their passport stamped and without a criminal record.

Source: Europa Press



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