Crisis in Venezuela: Chavismo accused the US of paying $ 51,000 to several deputies so that they do not participate in the elections

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“We are going to publish the list of those deputies,” said the official campaign manager, Jorge Rodríguez.

Chavismo denounced that the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), dependent on the United States Department of the Treasury, has deposited $ 51,000 (about 43,500 euros) in the accounts of far-right Venezuelan deputies so that they do not participate in the parliamentary elections on December 6.

“We are going to publish the list of those deputies”, said the official campaign manager, Jorge Rodríguez, “Before they were more cautious. Before they were criminals who acted under cover of the night. Now with the greatest impudence they bought them for 51,000 dollars and there is the evidence,” he added in statements collected by the Venezuelan portal Latest News.

Rodríguez encouraged US and Venezuelan journalists to investigate the accounts of the deputies who received the sum in dollars. “Ask some deputies who did not agree to be bought,” he urged.

Regarding the presence of foreign observers in the elections, Rodríguez pointed out that potential observers have already responded about their attendance at the elections.

The ‘Chavista’ leader also referred to the latest protests in some states of the country and has argued that “there is only one form of protest: the protest of the people who sometimes take to the streets, with constitutional right to protest; we have to accompany this protest and ask questions and seek solution mechanisms. “

Rodríguez stressed that the protest is a constitutional right and stressed that when they occur they have to be addressed. “Sometimes the water does not arrive due to inefficiency, an indolence of an official. Sometimes the gas does not arrive because there was a situation with transportation and maybe it can be resolved quickly, maybe we can seek the support of the Ombudsman’s Office, “he added.

Regarding the violent groups to which the president of the Constituent Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, has referred, Rodríguez assured that they are identified. “We already know who they are in each state. How much they are paid, what are their names, who is the leader, “he said, while pointing out to the opposition leader Freddy Guevara, who” is still in his psychopathic confusion and is thinking like a psychopath that right now the prairie is going to catch fire ” .

Regarding a possible advancement of the presidential elections that part of the opposition requests, Rodríguez assured that the elections will be held in 2025 as established in the Constitution. “The rest is despair”, ended.

Source Europa Press and EFE



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