Crisis in Racing: the Blanco or Milito dilemma took Beccacece and a team that still did not win from the center of the scene

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The manager did not travel to Tucumán. I haven’t talked to Diego yet, the president said. A key week is coming.

Diego Alberto Milito is moving his chips. With intelligence, with stealth, with fundamentals. Just like when he did it on the court. Now from another side, from the Technical Secretariat. Or more precisely: from his increasingly awake political side. Play in silence Milito, studying each step. From the outside, it could be concluded that everything is solved, for better or for worse, with a public statement from the The prince or President Víctor Blanco. But they both let the water run under the bridge. “I haven’t talked to Diego yet. I’ll do it in the week. We have an important game,” was the only thing Blanco said when he arrived at the Atlético Tucumán court, where his team lost again and still hasn’t scored in the League Cup Professional.

Milito got off at the last minute of the trip to Tucumán. There he was going to share a plane with President Víctor Blanco and a message of calm would be produced for the fans. But the technical secretary did not travel and in the afternoon the rumor of his departure from the club became strong again due to the many differences with the Board of Directors, especially with the leaders Adrián Fernández, Miguel Jiménez and Roberto Torres. From the environment of The prince They assure that the decision to leave has already been made because he got tired of rowing against the current: his idea of ​​professionalizing the club to the extreme does not find an echo. The last great anger was the refusal to hire midfielder Jorge Rodríguez, from Banfield.

The leaders believe that Milito’s tactic has a double intention: first, to remove the questioned Sebastián Beccacece from the center of the scene; second, confront them. Both things were accomplished. Because nobody talks about Beccacece a few days before the key match against Flamengo for the Copa Libertadores round of 16 (he worked and plans to plant a line of 5 defenders for Tuesday in the Cylinder). And because the White or Milito dilemma is already pushing hard among the partners. Yes, a crack in the blue and white part of Avellaneda.

Victor Blanco is tired. And somewhat annoying. The president also moves his chips and lets it be known that he could give up. It was he who repatriated Milito in 2014 and who offered him the position of manager in 2017. And they say he doesn’t want him to leave. So you do not understand some actions of Milito, the man who changed the recent history of the club. “They are going to do a march to ask Diego to stay as if I were the one who wants him to leave“He tells his relatives. He refers to a mobilization that the fans are putting together for Sunday at 3:00 p.m. at the headquarters of Avenida Miter. Also to the request for a referendum that gathers signatures on a web page. And to the hashtag #MilitoNoSeVa is stirred in the networks.

What will Blanco do? For now he will remain expectant and trying to bring the parties closer, despite the discomfort he feels. His intention is to continue as until now in the coming years, with everyone inside.

Thus the things, the luck of Racing in the Copa Libertadores will end up clarifying the panorama. In the event that Milito leaves office in December, Sebastián Beccacece will not continue as coach. Also at the end of the year there will be elections, in which Milito cannot stand as a candidate because he does not have the necessary length of membership. But you can play from another side. Everything is about to happen.



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