Crew member of ship missing in Japan rescued from water, colleague deceased

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The Japanese coast guard on Friday took two crew members of the missing cargo ship Gulf Livestock 1 out of the water. One of the two men died shortly after his rescue. There were a total of 42 people on board, along with about 5,800 cows. Another crew member was rescued on Thursday.

Ship ended up in bad weather due to typhoon Maysak

The surviving crew member who was rescued Friday is a 30-year-old man from the Philippines. He was spotted by a search plane floating around on a life raft. It drifted 2 kilometers from the small island of Kodakarajima. The man was conscious and able to walk unaided.

Earlier in the day, a drowning person was found unconscious in the water. He died shortly after being taken out of the water.

A capsized orange lifeboat was found 4 kilometers from Kodakarajima, but no persons were found there. The Coast Guard is still looking for the rest of the crew.

Gulf Livestock 1 sent out a distress signal on Wednesday after it ran into bad weather due to Typhoon Maysak. Now that the typhoon has passed the area, it is again suitable for a search, according to the Japanese coast guard. However, it is still unclear where and when the ship exactly sank.

Gulf Livestock 1’s crew consisted of 38 Philippines, 2 New Zealanders and 2 Australians. The vessel, which is owned by a UAE company and sails the Panamanian flag, left the port of Napier in New Zealand in mid-August and was bound for Tangshan, on the east coast of China.

On Friday, it was announced that Gulf Livestock 1 may have mechanical problems. This was evident from two-year-old reports. The ship’s propulsion would not work properly, as well as various thermometers and other measuring equipment on board.

Another report showed that the ship had to stay in Australia for a while because problems with the stabilization of the ship and navigation had been revealed.



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