Creating an Effective Marketing Team for Companies of All Sizes: A Guide.

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How to Structure a High-Performing Marketing Team

As industries prepare to make changes to marketing personnel in the coming months, marketing department restructures are on the horizon. If you’re facing the pressure to grow revenue through marketing while keeping headcount to a minimum, you’re in luck. We’ve cracked the code on how to structure a high-performing marketing team, and now, I’m going to share those insights with you.

Marketing Team Sizes

First, let’s define what we mean by different company sizes. You may not agree with all of them and that’s okay; we’re only using these numbers establish common lexicon in this guide:

  • Small-Medium Sized Business (SMB): (5-100 Employees)
  • Midsized Business: (101-1,000 Employees)
  • Enterprise: (1,000+ employees – not including massive Fortune500 orgs.)

The Three Types of Marketing Department Structures for Different Company Sizes:

  1. Marketing Department Structure by Discipline:
    This is most commonly seen among mid-sized companies where they own their revenue number and responsible for driving leads as well as contributing towards business pipeline.
    Here are some teams within such structures:

    • Social Media Skills needed: Content creation…..
    • Content Creation Skills needed : Writing … . They usually know how create solid blog post or webinar..etc...
    • Product skills required include research…and solving customer problems etc..They will communicate features/benefits of your product/service….to customers via ad copy/product pages etc..

      Note :If it’s an enterprise level organization then there can be specialists/managers who lead/oversee social media strategy alongwith roles assigned specifically for day-to-day activities like creating Instagram stories/posts/video editing/content management.
      Similarly larger organizations have more flexibility when hiring SEO experts i.e., based solely on developing copy or producing strategies.

      Potential Roles:“Head Account Manager”,”Social Media Specialist”, “Content Creator” ,”Social Media Analyst”,“Video Producer”, “Staff Writer”,”Brand Specialist” , “SEO specialist”,”Product Marketing Specialist”. Etc…

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