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The ‘counselor’ of Health, Alba Vergés, announced this Tuesday a new extension of the restrictions against covid-19 in Barcelona and the metropolitan area. These measures include prohibition of holding meetings of more than ten people, a limitation of the capacity of 50% in bars and restaurants, among others.

“They will be extended because the situation is stabilized but at much higher levels than we would like to have,” explained the ‘councilor’. “You have to be very cautious, do the essential activities and leave the avoidable ones for later,” he added. “We have to avoid generating chains of contacts as much as possible,” he asked.

The restrictions were already extended on September 1 for fifteen days, which ended this Tuesday.

High incidence of cases in the Raval

Vergés has also made an appeal this Tuesday to the nearly 20,000 people who live in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona – the one with the highest incidence of coronavirus cases in the Catalan capital – so that they participate in mass screening and thus detect asymptomatic people.

Vergés has again asked to limit the activity, don’t “socialize a lot” in order not to generate different chains of transmission and to try to work with stable groups of coexistence, and has also recalled that people with symptoms must isolate themselves until obtaining the result of the PCR test.



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