Kim Jong-un has expressed “excessive anger” and taken “irrational measures” to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic effects, the South Korean Intelligence Service (NIS) reported, according to NBC News.

According to the NIS, Kim Jong-un banned sea fishing and salt production, “in order to prevent the infection of seawater with the new coronavirus.”

This measure was accompanied by the establishment of quarantine in Pyongyang and bans in several cities, including one on the border with China.

The measures were instituted as part of efforts to keep the new coronavirus out of the country, Kyodo news agency reported.

Following the outbreak of the pandemic, North Korea cut off traffic to and from China and Russia.

In addition, according to NIS, a senior North Korean official was executed last month for failing to maintain the exchange rate, leading to the depreciation of the national currency.

In August, another North Korean government official was executed for failing to comply with the rules on the regime of commercial goods coming from abroad.

Despite these actions, North Korea has not reported any cases of infection with the new coronavirus.