Cinemas, theaters, gyms and swimming pools will be closed from Monday until November 24 according to these new restrictions, and bars and restaurants will cease to operate after 6 p.m., the prime minister’s services have announced.

Nearly 20,000 new cases of coronavirus have been registered in the last 24 hours in Italy, according to the balance announced by the authorities on Saturday, a national record. In total, more than 500,000 cases of infection and 37,000 deaths were recorded in the first European country hard hit by the pandemic.

“Semi-isolation for a month,” headlines the daily La Reppublica, stressing that Giuseppe Conte did not make much effort to reassure the leaders of the regions who took less drastic measures to save the companies severely affected by the spring isolation.

Schools and kindergartens will remain open, while 75% of high school and university courses will be held online. The population was urged to avoid public transport and travel outside the community as much as possible.

The new measures were announced a few hours after a rally with dozens of far-right supporters protesting against the isolation, which confronted law enforcement on Saturday night to Sunday in central Rome.

Nearly 200 masked militants belonging to a neo-fascist group Forza Nuova fired projectiles at police and set fire to the bins. In Naples, incidents had already broken out the night before.

These came as a result of decisions taken this week to impose isolation in three regions: Lazio, Lombardy and Campania.

But regional governors have warned that closing businesses will cause social tensions as spring isolation has pushed Italy into the worst economic recession.